LAX Airport Transportation

If you are traveling to Los Angeles or meeting clients, family members or friends in the area, trust the premier LAX airport transportation service and luxury town car service to take you where you need to do.  American Executive Town Car Service provides a wide array of sedans, town cars, limousines, buses and more from leading luxury vehicle manufacturers to accommodate any group or event.  Our drivers will meet your group at LAX and give you fast, reliable transportation to wherever you schedule requires.  With on-time, personal transport, skip the delays and congestion of LA traffic and spend more time with what matters.  Join your friends and colleagues at the airport to greet them directly, or trust our professional drivers to give your guests a warm, inviting welcome to beautiful Los Angeles.  From LAX we will help you stay on top of your schedule and take you to your hotel, convention center, wedding ceremony, reception and anywhere else you need to go.  You and your guests will not have to wait for taxis, buses or shuttles from the airport or anywhere in Los Angeles, and be assured you will be on time for all of your meetings, conventions, parties or gathering.  Whether you are planning for business or pleasure, American Executive Town Car Service has your transportation from LAX airport to anywhere in Southern California.

LAX airport is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the country, a central hub for travelers all across the west coast, all across the country and internationally all across the Pacific.  It is visited by nearly every major airline in the world and tens of thousands of travelers rely on it each day to visit new places and return home.  With so many people coming in and leaving, traffic around LAX is hectic and congested almost around the clock.  Locating your guests if you plan to meet them can be extremely difficult and requires you to walk long distances back to your car.  If your guests use a shuttle or taxi cab to come to your home or office, they’ll have to wait in long lines and risk being late to the day’s activities.  After long hours of waiting in lines in the airport and sitting in tight spaces, more waiting and uncomfortable sitting is hard on your visitors.  American Executive Town Car Services takes care of this problem simply and easily, giving your guests fast, straightforward transportation across one of the biggest cities in the world.  Our helpful, experienced drivers will meet your guests at LAX when they arrive to ensure they have fast, reliable transportation.  Our luxury cars, sedans and limousines offer many comfortable amenities, including spacious backseats, leather interiors, heated and cooled seats, mini-bars and much more.  After a long trip in tight airport seating and hours of hectic, uncomfortable travel, our spacious vehicles and courteous drivers take the edge off of the visit and show your guests the best side of LA.  We specialize in comfort, dependability, speed and efficiency, ensuring you and your guests get where you need to go with no hassle, and always arrive in style.  Our knowledgeable drivers stay up-to-date with road closures and traffic reports so you always get the fastest route to your destination.  You or your guests can sit back and relax, or take a moment to catch up on phone calls, answer emails, double check your itinerary or take care of any other last-minute tasks before you start your day.

American Executive Town Car Service provides more than fast, consistent, convenient transportation.  We also give your guests a warm welcome, whether this is their first time to Los Angeles or their hundredth.  Our drivers give you peace of mind knowing your visitors are taken care of and our service creates an immediate, positive first impression your guests will not forget.  We understand our service reflects you, and that is why our cars, limousines and buses are always polished and fully-serviced, and our drivers are knowledgeable, safe, prompt and courteous.  We strive to care for your colleagues, friends and family members as you would, and give them a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  From weddings and family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, business conventions, corporate meetings and much more, American Executive Town Car Service provides the comfortable, spacious, fast and stylish transportation you need to make your visit and your events successful.

Learn more about our fleet of vehicles, the many groups and parties we accommodate and the transportation we provide around LAX and the Los Angeles area.  Tell us about your schedule, and we will be with you are every step to make sure your activities are on time and stress-free.  Call us today to plan your schedule and arrange LAX airport transportation service, town car service or sedan travel to or from any of your destinations.